Access greenspline's model coefficients


I now got the extra column, but it only holds 0’s, which can’t be right. I’d expect monotonically increasing values.

I suppose:

S->data[4][e] = modnorm;	/* Model norm at this point */

should only be executed when the for-loop has terminated?
– I just tested it — Nope :roll_eyes:

modnorm itself is having a value and is increasing, though, just not written to file.

Probably my error. See if things at line 2649 and ~2680 are now correct for your cumulative sum. There is obviously something I am blind too…

I do not see a new commit right now.

sorry just hit it

So, the values make perfect sense and I got a beautiful L-curve now:


I computed the data norm as:

sum(((prediction - observation) / uncertainty) ** 2)

If both of them would be included as the last two columns of -Efile+n this would be really charming. A really nice bonus would be, if all this would work in combination with -C+n, i.e. in dry-run mode.

Let me know if I can help, now that I got kind of a development environment set up.

What is best for us is if you can submit a commit to the green-modnorm brach with what works well for you some can have a look. Then all is done on GitHub instead of bits and pieces in the forum

Just a reminder. The preferred way to get this done is for you to add to the branch on GitHub.