Error sbas when run

Hi all
I am trying to apply sbas for 79 intf with this command

sbas 79 48 8476 6326 -smooth 0.1 --wavelength 0.0554658 -incidence 37 -range 846003.008169 -rms -dem

The process is killed when it is reading the phase and correlation grid

compute RMS misfit compute DEM error setting smoothing to 0.100 setting radar wavelength to 0.055 m setting radar incidence angle to 37.000 degree setting range to 846003.008 m Memory Allocation Successful… read table file … number of SAR scenes is 48 number of interferograms is 79 read phase and correlation grids … Killed

Hi @Mahvash this forum is for GMT questions, not GMTSAR (you would hardly get any help here)