how can i plot the faults of sicily in a very simple way?
is there a way to enter a url and gmt refers to the site? I have plotted the stations taking lat and long and I would like to do such a thing if there are no other faster ways with faults …
thank you in advance

It is possible to use an URL.
Do you know any site where the data of the faults are available?

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Oh, thanks for the answer. yes. the site is this https://diss.ingv.it/ithdiss/#
now i can show you my code GMT where i want to put the sicily’s faults.
gmt begin italy pdf,png

gmt set IO_COL_SEPARATOR=tab

gmt info C:\programs\Lat_long_INGV.txt

gmt coast -R11.00000/16.62244/35.91997/39.36489 -Wthin -B -JM5i -Gbeige -Slightblue -I1

gmt grdimage @earth_relief_01s -R11.00000/16.62244/35.91997/39.36489 -I+d

gmt plot C:\programs\Lat_long_INGV.txt -St0.25c -Gblue

gmt end show

Im now on GMT. So for me it is usefull use the community.

I check the link. It suspect that you could download the data but I don’t find where.

here we have the possibility to dowload…i think.

Hi Anna, you don’t want to do this because it would use a
(16.62244 - 11.0) * 3600 x (39.36489 - 35.91997) *3600
20240 x 12404
grid size, which is HUGE. Better to pick a lower grid resolution here (5 or 6 minutes should be OK).

You could try the shp file, unzip it and then use gmt plot with the shp that you want to plot.

Hi gioacchino, I don’t understand your disappointment about this piece of code.

what should I do ?

about this GMT give these errors

grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to remove C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/grdblend_resampled_2296_16.nc! [remove error: Permission denied]
grdblend [ERROR]: Failed to delete file C:\Users\Anna\AppData\Local\Temp/grdblend_resampled_2296_16.nc


thank you for solution.

I plotted all file from this site.

Thanks @Esteban82

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You are using a grid with a resolution of 1 second of arc (@earth_relief_01s). You could try with a 6-minutes grid (@earth_relief_06m) given the region of your map and size of the map.

That is an issue that was fixed after 6.3.0. And regarding the the grid resolution 5 or 6 minutes is probably too coarse. 2 minutes is likely better.
Latest GMT version lets you not specify the resolution and it will guess a good one (which turns out to be 3s)

gmt grdimage @earth_relief -R11.0/16.62244/35.91997/39.36489 -I+d -png lixo
grdblend [NOTICE]: Remote data courtesy of GMT data server oceania [http://oceania.generic-mapping-tools.org]

grdblend [NOTICE]: Earth Relief at 3x3 arc seconds tiles provided by SRTMGL3 (land only) [NASA/USGS].
grdblend [NOTICE]:   -> Download 1x1 degree grid tile (earth_relief_03s_g): N35E011
grdblend [NOTICE]:   -> Download 1x1 degree grid tile (earth_relief_03s_g): N35E012

Thanks you.
But if i use 6m or 2m the resolution is very bad.

So it is better with 1s or 2s? Why?