GMT Installation on Ventura

Just upgraded (?) to MacOS14 (Ventura) 13.5.1 and I think I’m getting tangled into some legacy stuff, but I don’t know where to begin to resolve it.

I’ve done the git pull for the latest version of GMT, then cd into the build directory to issue the sudo make -jx install command.

Make complains that there is “no such sysroot directory” to a file it wants, called: MacOSX10.15.sdk. That’s an old SDK. Who/what told clang to point to that?

The file it should be requesting is MacOSX13.sdk, MacOSX13.3.sdk, or simply MacOSX.sdk. Normally I’d just plop a symbolic link in the appropriate directory (who’s name is too long to type here) in order to get clang to point to the correct SDK, but Ventura won’t permit it.

Any thoughts as to how to get my Mac to locate the correct XCode SDK?

Found that some of the cmake files were pointing to the older SDK. A simple replacement of “MacOSX10.15” to “MacOSX13” did the trick. After I got OpenBLAS installed properly by MacPorts.

Aren’t you missing the cmake ... step that generates the makefiles?

Thanks, Joaquim. Could be. I was following my own instructions, but they may be a bit old. I’ll consult the git page for fresh installation instructions. I’m getting close!

Good to go, now. Sorry for the post. I just needed to scratch my head a while longer! :thinking: