GMT6.1 auto clip Problem!

The same code drew in GMT6:

And in GMT6.1:

this is debug info :

so i set ps_media to A4,that’s the result:

the ps,pdf,png format are the same.
Why I losed auto clip?
Both in png format.
Here’s the data:

Sorry I set a wrong permission .
Here’s the simplified code(if you won’t want to check the drive):

set “range=167.94/168.3/-16.35/-16.16/99/1291”
gmt begin subplot png,pdf,ps
gmt subplot begin 2x1 -Ff30c/16c -B+n -M7p -Vd
gmt subplot set 0,0
gmt basemap -R%range% -JM15c -Ba5mf1m -B+t"Ambrym"

gmt subplot set 1,0
gmt basemap -R%range% -JX15c/6c -BNE -Bxa5f1 -Bya500f500g500
gmt basemap -R%range% -JX15c/6c -BWS -Bxa5f1+l"Distance of A-B profile (km)" -Bya500+l"Height (m)"
gmt subplot end
gmt end

Would need to see your script to have an opinion.

sorry for setting the wrong permission,I’ve updated it