How can I contribute an example?

Aloha. I have what I believe to be a new example of broad general interest. It exemplifies how to take fields from a *.csv file and include them into a *.shp file for use in mapping within GMT. The reasons I think it is generally interesting is that the construction of the SQL syntax within the ogr2ogr call is mysterious and poorly documented as is the method of apply the results to make them useful in GMT. Some unexpected gymnastics are required due to default ogr2ogr behavior.

I’ve never done a GMT example before so need advice as to whether or how to make such a n effort to contribute.

Aloha @hellyj! Welcome to the community :smile:, you can post your example at the Lounge, I’m sure it will be much appreciated, I always found OGR/GDAL commands to be tricky and it would be great to see a working tutorial on that.

P.S. @moderators, should we start a “Showcase” section to gather up these community examples? The Bokeh discourse forum has one at Showcase - Bokeh Discourse. Or we could just rename the “Lounge” to “Showcase” since there’s very few posts in there anyway.

@weiji14, Showcase category created (thanks for pushing us int it)

@hellyj John, go ahead. We have now a new module grdgdal that, I guess, goes into the spirit of your proposal but it still has a long way to go.

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Great. Thanks. I was wondering if it should be done ad hoc or in the style of the Cookbook? Is there a template or should I just wing it?

Aloha. I don’t think this will work very well. The formatting is a mess. Is there some way to just upload files?

Yes, sure you can upload files. Use drag-n-drop. Bit not all formats are allowed. .zip is
And regarding format, markdown is pretty versatile. What do you find so messy?

We don’t have a template yet. User contributions is something we discussed in meetings and an organized solution is needed but while we wait for that (many other things are priority right now), a clean script and corresponding example figs are a good start that we can organize later.