How to edit psvelo error ellipse pen (only)?

Hi all, I am trying to change only the pen border on a psvelo (6.2) vector error ellipse while keeping the rest of the vector’s arrowhead and arrowshaft as defined by the -W pen flag.

It seems like this process likely is accomplished with the -L flag, described as:


Draw lines. Ellipses and rotational wedges will have their outlines drawn using current pen (see -W). Alternatively, append a separate pen to use for the error outlines. If the modifier +cl is appended then the color of the pen are updated from the CPT (see -C). If instead modifier +cf is appended then the color from the cpt file is applied to error fill only [Default]. Use just +c to set both pen and fill color.

I admit I am having trouble parsing this. I suppose my read is that it equivalent to the -W pen flag (but only for the ellipses, just what I want!) but the below doesn’t have any affect. Am I doing something wrong or is this the wrong way about it entirely? How to change the ellipse pen/border color or even just remove it outright?

gmt psvelo $CENTER -JM$SCALE -R$AREA -A20p+e+gdarkred+pthick -Se${VECSCALE}/0.95/16 -W.1p,black -L.1p,red,normal -Egrey@70 -V -K -O >> out.pdf

Any help appreciated