How to use gmt grdcut on an SLC product

Hey there, my name is Kamogelo Baloyi and I’m currently using GMTSAR to monitor tailings dams for my MSc research. I initially wanted to use the software to monitor kimberlites but I don’t know how to create a small subset over a 200m wide area without losing too much resolution, I don’t even know whether it’s possible to do that.
Please do provide any input at all with regards to this if you have any.

The main question, though, is how do I create a subset of an SLC image?

Thank you

Hi Kamogelo, I’m afraid you are at the wrong place. This is a GMT forum, not a GMTSAR one. We normally know nothing(?) here about GMTSAR questions.

Alright, just trying my luck. Maybe someone with more knowledge and experience will see it and help.

Thank you for your speedy response Joaquim.