Label with shadow and rounded corner in movie (-Lc)

For the label of an animation, for example the dates in the animation 8, is it possible to add a shadow effect, rounded corner (and the others options) that can add for the background of a legend?

PD: I think it is not possible. I wanted to check before posting in github.

No, not currently possible. It would take coding changes:

  1. Add optional +s[dx/dy/][shade] to -L
  2. Probably add optional +rradius for rounded corners

Then these settings need to be passed with the rest of the information so gmt_plotinit can get the settings. Then, because we are relying on similar PSL_*** functions as in pstext.c (which does not offer any shading option) one will need to see if I can get it to work.

Suggest you open a github feature request.

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