Problem with fitting the bounding box to the figures in GMT 6.1

Hi There,
I have just upgraded from GMT 6.0 to 6.1 and found that the figure produced by a modern session no longer fit the bounding box to the figures in the output PDF file as it did in 6.0. Here are my script, input file, and output PDF. Thanks a lot! (601.8 KB)

There must be some misunderstanding here. You have a PS_MEDIA setting so it looks like you are trying to impose a paper size on a figure. You would only use PS_MEDIA if making a PostScript plot and you wish to use a whole sheet of paper for some reason. All other schemes will automatically give a tight bounding box. When you print to a printer, you will get whatever paper size you have in the printer, but that is no reason why we would make a PDF with lots of white space… If you have that particular and unusual need, then make a PostScript file and run psconvert manually to give you a “page PDF”.