Pssac does not work


I am trying to plot a Distance/Time figure with several seismograms using the DIST header of the SAC. I used commands as examples:

pssac $rgn $proj -Ek -M3 -W.1,red -t80 201410601200300500SPSP_1.sei_ASPSP_HH_Z.SAC -O -K >> $

All files have the complete header of the event, including the distance (DIST). But, it is showing this error:

pssac [ERROR]: => 201510602800700000SPSP_1.sei_ASPSP_HH_Z.SAC: dist not defined in SAC header, skipped

the same occurs to all SAC files when I use a for to plot several files.

Is there something wrong on my GMT script? Or should be it a possible bug? My GMT version is 6.1.1.


@gwsmelo Could you please share a few SAC files you’re plotting so that I can try to reproduce your issue.