Removing artefacts from DTM grid


I have been trying to remove artefacts from a published DTM but it is proving problematic. One can run a band-pass filter to remove short wavelengths but it tends to affect a lot of the data.

If anyone has some experience of producing a true “bare-earth” model that would be great. I do not have the original LiDAR data.

Attached an example of the Ordnance Survey DTM for Avebury Circle in Wiltshire, UK.

Thanks for any pointers


Forgot to say, this an exercise in generating a full Local Relief Model according to the methodology of Hesse (2010).

And has anyone solved the exercise? :slight_smile:

And since that figure seems to have been made with Mirone, you can try the option “Roi Crop Tools -> Slice peaks” available after drawing a polygon around a region of interest and right-clicking on the polygon. It should work reasonably well to tear of the trees on the country fields.

To get a true bare Earth elevation model, you probably need to have the original point cloud. The methods to separate ground from buildings or trees usually work on point clouds. I don’t know of an easy way to separate the objects from a gridded Digital Surface Model.