A few questions

Hello GMT gurus !

Is it just me or transparency doesn’t work with grdview ?
I’m trying with -Qc, -Qi, -Qs … to no avail
Is there another way to plot structures in 3D ?

We have the so-called “vertical” scalebar with cartesian plots (using -L[...]+v) but we don’t have the option for geographical maps.
I get how irrelevant it can get using some projections and/or extended maps. But it’s not always the case right?
I guess a workaround would be to overlay a simple rotated basemap but that’s overkill …

mapproject takes perspective (-p) as input, but when I try to get the height of my plot, the result stays the same with or without -p

Talking about perspective … see github issue

What does the -T do in grdtrack ?