About free-air anomaly data & RTP module

Hello, first of all, thank you for making a good program.
I would like to ask you a few questions while using pygmt.

gmt provides free-air anomaly data from the link below. I wonder if this data is free-air random or gravity disturbance. When I asked other people, I heard it was free-air anomaly, but I would like to hear an accurate answer.

There is a grdredpol code among gmt modules, can I use it in pygmt? I’m asking because I need to apply regional area rtp now.

thank you

Have you reviewed the two citations for that data product? As the GMT team did not create that dataset, we would similarly be a second-hand source for clarifying questions.

grdrelpol is currently not wrapped in PyGMT. You could either open a feature request (either waiting for a contribution or working to add the feature) or attend to use the clib module in PyGMT (e.g., Calling grdfft with pygmt).

I thought the GMT developers created a free-air anomaly

I’m sorry. @maxrjones

I’ll try the module.

Thank you.

Our involvement is just the tiling, downsampling, JP2000 packing, and delivery for all resolution versions, but the original sys comes from unmodified Scripps or elsewhere as the docs imply.

thank you

I understand !!!