Absolute beginner needs help

Hello all, I’m an absolute beginner so i apologise for the newbie questions. I need help locating resources to work on, i.e maps, images, etc.

I am currently looking at a project involving a sinocentric/east asia centred orthographic map, first of the wikipedia style to denote territorial changes and maybe in the future involving Google Earth/Natural Earth like raster maps. As the project involves historical entities, i would also be looking for maps with natural features like rivers and mountains that frequently denote said entities’ borders.

I’m following a youtube tutorial by Liu Eyou (https://youtu.be/H2wgFfvR2pI) but i’m confused as to where they got all the PNGs for the maps and such. The area of work in the first example is also extremely close to what I’m planning to do.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi There,

I am also new to gmt … but I am using the python wrapper “pyGMT” … I think some of the data can be automatically downloaded by gmt … take look at this example:

this one is also a good tutorial: