Add Axis annotation in Inset plot

Dear All,

I am trying to insert axis values inside the inset plot but could not find a way to do so. Here is my script. If i append +r then inset plot size also expanded.


 gmt inset begin -D130/170/0/1 -Dx0.1/0.5+w14.c/2.5c+o2.4c/0.2c -V

       gmt basemap $range -JX? $x $y -BWSne

        awk '{print $3,$4}' ev_jday.dat  |gmt plot -Sc0.3c -Gyellow -W0.5,black

gmt inset end 


Looks like you are giving -D twice even though the docs says you can give it in one of three ways. Perhaps the first -D is meant to be -R ?