Add focal mecanism in legend

Hello !

Here’s my question, is it possible to add a focal mechanism symbol in the legend?
I was thinking to make a custom symbol but maybe there’s an easier way to make it :wink:

By the way, if there’s a team member of dev team, is it a feature to come in the pslegend?

Thank in advance !

I assume you are not just plotting a single event in your map, hence they will all have different focal mechanisms. If so, I would recommend you just use the kustom symbol meca which will draw a strike-slip beachball for use in a legend.

If instead you are just plotting a single event and want the legend to have a symbol with the exact mechanism then I cannot help you. You would not need to use a legend for that for one point.,

Yeah, there is more than one event ^^
I’ll try with a custom symbol