Add the "Solved" plugin to the discourse forum

The “discourse-solved” plugin can accept an answer and mark a post/question as solved.

With an answer accepted, users will see a link to the answer at the top of the post, and also a check mark before the post title. You can preview how it looks like in this example post

I believe it helps us maintainers quickly find out unsolved questions and also help users find the best solution in a long post.

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:+1: from me on this

@pwessel @Joaquim Any comments on this? If you’re OK with it, we may need to ask the UH IT staff to help install the plugin.

Seems good. I an ask Colby for help to install it.

Ofc I’m not against but doubt it’s particularly useful here.

We will give it a try. Colby will install it on Monday at 3pm HST time so it should not bother too many that the site goes down for a bit.