AGU 2021 abstract(s)

It would be nice to get one or more GMT/wrapper related abstracts submitted for AGU 2021. Here are a few relevant sessions:

NS013 - Open-source software for near-surface geophysics and its applications

Open Science in Action: Data, Software, Access, Science (Python focused)

IN030 - Open-Source Software, Notebooks and FAIR Software

I would be happy to either lead or help with an abstract for GMT and/or PyGMT.

The abstract deadline is 4 August, 2021.


I’m doing some “merging” experiments between earth engine (extraction - export to numpy) and graphical map production with GMT. But the focus is on some areas of the Antarctic Peninsula.

If I can (by the end of June it’s over), I promise to send something. But in this case what you said, does the focus have to be the software?

Those sound like cool experiments!

It would be good to have as much representation as possible, including software-focused talks and GMT/GMT.jl/PyGMT plots in research-focused presentations. For these three sessions, my interpretation is that the submissions would be focused on the software. But, it would be good to have demonstrations as part of that.

While it’s been 10 years (yikes!) since my last AGU, I would like to be involved in submitting a PyGMT abstract, if possible. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the conference but would enjoy contributing however possible.

Thanks for starting the conversation Meghan! Happy for you to take the lead too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: In terms of sessions, the “Open Science in Action” one looks like the best fit for PyGMT at first glance, and there’s mention of a possible half-day mini-workshop which could be great to run!

Just a question though, are you planning to attend in-person or virtually, or a mix? The NS013 session seems to be in-person, while the other two (Open Science in Action and IN030) appear to be virtual. There’s a chance I might be in the States towards the end of the year, so we could possibly get the team together (depending on how the pandemic plays out).

I am preemptively so jealous of the idea of a PyGMT meetup of everyone who makes it to AGU in-person!

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I would like to attend in person, if possible. It expect AGU would provide space for in-person people to present at virtual-only sessions like “Open Science in Action”, but if not we could still find a way to participate in that session from New Orleans (yay, virtual backgrounds).

@weiji14 and @willschlitzer, does the PyGMT hackmd space work as a place to collaborate on the abstract? If so, I can put up a draft next week, which would leave ~2 weeks for comments/revisions.

Sounds good, let’s go with the virtual “Open Science in Action” session then. And yes, you’re welcome to draft up the abstract on

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HackMD works for me as well!