An official Docker image for GMT?

Is there any work on making a dockerized version of GMT6? It would be great to be able to incorporate an official image of GMT6 into other docker containers.

Good question! We use dockers for our CI processes, though to my knowledge there has not been work on publishing an image. @pwessel, do you know if this has been previously considered?

Not sure, the folks who might know are @leouieda and @seisman. I can barely spell docker.

I can see that docker is useful in some cases, but I have limited knowledge about how to build a docker image.

I have very limited experience with Docker as well. If anyone in the community would like to develop this, of course I think we’d be more than happy to help get the word out (website, social media, documentation, etc).

@rterry if you know how to build an image (or know someone who does) this contribution would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: We always have trouble deploying GMT in some cases and having a ready image might help (like the Binder setup that keeps breaking).