Animation 09. Details about MOR_PAC_twist_path.txt

The animation 09 uses a premade flight path “that originally was derived from a data file of the world’s ridges, then filtered and manipulated to give the equidistant path to simulate a constant velocity at the given altitude, with synthetic banking as we turn to follow the path.”

It would be possible to know more details about how the file MOR_PAC_twist_path.txt was created. Is there any script? I am particularly interested to see how the azimuth (${MOVIE_COL2}) was set. And maybe also the twist (${MOVIE_COL3).

Thanks in advance.

@pwessel any ideas?

Sorry, I was looking yesterday to find any script for this but failed. I think I did not bother to keep it because it was a one-off thing that is not very hard to reproduce I think:

  1. I took the lon/lat trace of the MOR data and smoothed it with filter1d for some filter width
  2. I then used map project to compute the length along track and the azimuth of the track
  3. From the azimuth I compute the change in azimuth
  4. The change in azimuth was computed to a twist by scaling it by some guessed constant, trial-and-error

Something like that. Just a general recipe. The specific scaling factors etc are long lost. This effort predated movie and batch by at least 8-10 years…

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