Animation: Paleogeographic reconstruction

Very simple script, (proof of concept) for making paleogeographic reconstruction based on output from GPlates (

Need folder, Global_EarthByte_GPlates_PresentDay_Coastlines, containing the coastlines of ancient times for each interval with template reconstructed_<million years ago>.gmt. In this case, each increment is 1 million years. These are created by GPlates.

seq 410 -1 0 > time

cat <<eof >
gmt begin
gmt plot -Rd -JR12c Global_EarthByte_GPlates_PresentDay_Coastlines_Polyline/reconstructed_\${MOVIE_COL0}.gmt -Bxafg -Byafg
gmt end

gmt movie -Chd  -Fmp4 -Nrecons -Ttime -L -P -Z -V

rm time

Simple, efficient.

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