Animation weather system (gif)

Animation of weather system landfalling in North America. The Great Basin watershed is highlighted in brownish color.

(requires a light background because of transparency)

code excerpt : (it’s not super clean … but hey, we all learn !)


for inc in loop
gmt grdimage $area $projection @earth_relief_03m -Crelief.cpt -I+d -P  $open  >  $psFile
gmt pscoast -R -J  -Di -Wthinnest -Sdeepskyblue -t25                   $add   >> $psFile
gmt psxy -R -J -Wthinner $Gbasin -L -G$myred -t25                     $add   >> $psFile
gmt grdcontour -R -J -W -C+1 -Ndetect.cpt -A- $NetCDFvar[$inc]   $add   >> $psFile
gmt psbasemap -R -J -Bx20g10 -By10g10  -B+t"${title}"              $close >> $psFile

gmt psconvert $psFile -A -Tf


convert -delay 33 -loop 0 -dispose previous -density 200x200 $(ls -v *pdf) animation_${line2print}.gif
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Looks great :slight_smile:

Would be great if you could convert this to a modern mode script run by gmt movie instead!

Now that you mention it … I have a couple question about that modern mode. I’ll open a new thread right away.

edit : by the way @pwessel : Bercovici says hi ! :slight_smile:

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