Arrows connecting subplots

Hello there,

I am trying to plot some arrows to connect different subplots in a figure. Would you mind enlightening me on how to achieve this?

The demo arrows I want to plot are in the red box in the attached figure.

Thanks a lot!


Never tried,
But I would probably overlay the arrows using plot -Sv using absolute positioning

  1. Create a “canvas” using basemap with your paper size (gmt basemap -R0/29.7/0/21 -Baf1g1)
  2. Use the grid from (1) to plot the top time-series with absolute positioning (gmt plot [...] -Xa[...] -Ya[...])
  3. Do the same with the bottom plot
  4. Overlay the arrows re-using frame from (1) (gmt plot -Sv [textfile] -R0/29.7/0/21 [...])
  5. When you’re satisfied, remove -B options from (1)

It’s a little cumbersome but at least you can “see” where the arrows have to start/end without too many trial and errors