Asking how to rotate a "defined style" (e.g. hexagon)

I am trying to plot a rotated hexagon, so that a corner is on top, rather than an edge on top. I tried two ways. One silently accomplishes nothing, while the other causes an error.

fig2.plot(x=20, y=34.64, style=“h12c/30”, pen=“2p,black”, color=“white”, transparency=90) # /30 ignored

fig2.plot(x=20, y=34.64, style=“h12c”, pen=“2p,black”, color=“white”, angle=30, transparency=90) # angle=30, is invalid

What is the a valid way, if any?

I am unaware of any optional rotation angle argument to standard symbols. I think you just need to make a custom symbol where you can set a fixed or variable rotation.