Auto-labeling in subplot module


I want to label figures in subplot module automatically but it seems I’m out of options as the parameter for setting autolabels is already used for titles.

Here is my MWE

gmt begin GGM pdf
gmt set FONT_TAG 14p

REM Set variables for all grids
set cpt1=c1.cpt
set grd1=DIR6.grd
set cpt2=c2.cpt
set grd2=TIMR6.grd
set cpt3=legend.cpt

REM Make CPT for all grids
gmt makecpt -Cjet -T0/15/1 -H -Z > %cpt1%
gmt makecpt -Cjet -T0/15/1 -H -Z > %cpt2%
gmt makecpt -Cjet -T-120/142 -H -Z > %cpt3%

REM Begin subplot
gmt subplot begin 1x2 -Fs7c -A[a]+jTR+gwhite+p1p+o0.2c/0.2c -R%grd1% -M0.33c -JM7c -B5 -BWSen -Y10c
gmt subplot set 0 -A"GO_CONS_GCF_2_DIR_R6"
gmt grdhisteq %grd1% -C16
gmt grdimage -C%cpt1%
gmt pscoast -Dh -N1/1.5p -W1.5p

gmt subplot set 1 -A"GO_CONS_GCF_2_TIM_R6"
gmt grdhisteq %grd2% -C16
gmt grdimage -C%cpt2%
gmt pscoast -Dh -N1/1.5p -W1.5p
gmt subplot end

REM Add colorbar
gmt colorbar -DJBC+w5i/0.15i+h+e -C%cpt3% -Ba50 -By+lmGal

Del *.nc *.cpt
gmt end

when I execute the above code I obtain the following results

But I wanted the images to be labeled with [a] and [b] mid-bottom say directly below 35[deg]

Thanks in advance,

I think you will need to manually add the [a] for each of your subplot set -A args since you are overriding what will be placed. I am not sure what you mean by placing mid-bottom since you said +jTR. Did you want two separate labels? (title on top, [a] on bottom)? Please help me understand better what you where hoping for. The -A can only do so much, beyond that you can always add stuff via text.

Yes, I need two labels, title on top and [a] on mid bottom

Since the title cannot be autogenerated why not use -A to set the auto [a], [b] and then place your string with text?

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OK, I’ll try that. Thanks for your assistance.