Automatic false parsing

Running a script with “.V”, GMT6 gives back the following riddle,
“pscoast [WARNING]: Length e not supported - revert to default unit [point]
pscoast [WARNING]: 0/0/blu not a valid number and may not be decoded properly.”
The reason can only be that GMT mistakenly parsed the parameter “-I1/0/0/blue” between u and e of the word “blue”, definitely not caused by a line break in the ComandPrompt.
What went wrong here?

What is -I1/0/0/blue supposed to mean? Per the documentation you are expected to give -I<feature>[/<pen>]. So you are selecting feature 1 - permanent major rivers. Then comes the pen, which you give as 0/0/blue. That is not a valid pen. pens are given as <width>[,<style>][<color>]. I do not think it ever hand that syntax even back in GMT3 days. Note GMT6 is backwards compatible with GMT 4 but not further back.

Thanks - I have changed this old script part to date and now it works. GMT obviously parsed the string according to the expected input alternatives.
BTW, the data remain difficult regarding e.g., the rivers. You can’t get the full Volga (and many others) without adding features -I2 to -I4, filling the map with a lot of creeks, but this is not your mistake.
Best Hans