Axis label offset


Perhaps I have missed something, so forgive me if this has been answered before.

I’m creating a bunch of time series plots that I want stacked in the same figure. However, the label annotations for each plot are of difference sizes. I want to align the y axis labels so they are all the lined up. However, the MAP_LABEL_OFFSET option seems to be relative to the left side of the annotation, rather than being a fixed distance from the axis. Is there an option so that the labels can be aligned, or will I have to manually set MAP_LABEL_OFFSET for each plot? See the attached figure for an illustration of what I mean (i.e. the label “Sliding Mechanism” is much further to the left of the other labels). Thank you for any guidance.

You are correct in your interpretation. Getting what you want here would require us to accept perhaps a signed value for MAP_LABEL_OFFSET to mean absolute distance relative to axis instead of the relative incremental distance relative to the annotation (which vary). I imagine something like --MAP_LABEL_OFFSET=+1.5c. I encourage you to open a feature request on the GMT site for this.

Meanwhile, your workaround would be to place the label via gmt text -N instead so you can place it exactly where you want.

Thank you, I will open an issue then and use the text command as a workaround for now.