-B with different intervals for x and y, plotted on only certain edges

I’m trying to plot coordinates axes with different intervals, let’s say -Bx0.05 -By0.1, but I only want labels on some axes and not others: let’s say -BWeSn. This mixes two different syntaxes of the -B flag. I can’t seem to figure it out… I can only get my labels on all 4 axes. Help?

Hi. Could you share your commands?

gmt set MAP_FRAME_TYPE plain

# Same interval for x and y, select WeSn
gmt pscoast -R-115.60/-115.48/32.96/33.08 -JM1.1i -Swhite -B0.10WeSn -K > test.ps

# Different interval for x and y, all WESN
gmt pscoast -R -J -Swhite -X2i -By0.05 -Bx0.1 -K -O >> test.ps

# Doesn't produce WeSn.  Can't figure out how to do different x and y intervals, on selected axes. 
gmt pscoast -R -J -Swhite -X2i -By0.05WeSN -Bx0.1WeSN -K -O >> test.ps

This should work for the last line:

gmt pscoast -R -J -Swhite -X4i -BWeSN -Bxa0.1 -Bya0.05 -K -O >> test.ps

yes that works - thank you!