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I am writing my paper, and I want to prepare a map that includes topographic earth relief and the border of the plate tectonics. I have the earth relief data, but not the border between Nazca, Antarctic, Scotia and South America plates ¿Do you know where I can find this type of information?

Another question ¿Do you know where I can download the user guide, tutorial, etc in pdf format for pygmt? I have found information in pdf format for setting and scripting and GMT in Linux (Unix), but i am using GMT in anaconda-spyder.

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For example here

Bird (2003) plate boundaries

you can convert
or use this version:

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Thank you for your information about the plate tectonics borders and the paper. I know to whom cite in my paper.

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Just to follow up, we’re discussing whether to include the plate boundary data at Add plate boundaries as a built-in dataset · Issue #100 · GenericMappingTools/gmtserver-admin · GitHub.

Unfortunately there isn’t a PDF version of the PyGMT documentation. GMT decided to drop PDF documentation in v6.0 (see GMT 6 install complete documentation fails - #2 by seisman), and PyGMT hasn’t had PDF documentation builds before.


I’ve made a GMT-ready file of Peter Bird’s plate boundaries a while back - available here with instructions/explanation:

As @weiji mentions, it is quite likely that this file will be integrated with the GMT remote data sets in the future.


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Thanks a lot for your help and information

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