Breaking Text into 2 Lines on a Map

Hello Everyone,
I am back again…Please, does anyone have an idea on how I can break text into Multi-lines on my map? I am plotting the text using the command “echo 50W 57N Labrador Sea | gmt text -F+f6p,White+a-45 -N”. For instance, if I Intendantin to break the text “Labrador Sea” into 2 Lines in Order to fit my map proper what is the proper way to go about it? I have tried breaking the words by using \n,^ and \r Elements but it is not responding. And lastly, what is the easiest way to draw current Patterns using gmt. Thank you

Reading the manual for the text module would be a good start.
You will find the -M option which describes how to put text on the map in paragraph mode.
Mind you the description on how to implement it is pretty opaque. (I vaguely I remember getting to work once).
An alternative is two calls to text with two separate words at the same coordinates, the second using the -Ya option

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