Building from source and DCW dir

When I build from source (on ubuntu) I run cmake ..

And in the info shown in the terminal says (among another things):

Found DCW-GMT database : /home/federico/Software/dcw-gmt-1.1.4 (2.0.0)

How could I change that folder? I try modifiyng the ConfigUsed.cmke file (in the Cmake folder). I set it to set (DCW_ROOT /home/federico/Software/dcw-gmt) but it didn’t work. How could I do it?

Note: I didn’t know how to do it so I replaced the files of the version 1.1.4 for the 2.0.0, that it is why, I think it says “(2.0.0)”. But I really want to know how to do it.

It’s in CinfigUser.cmake file. I have

set (DCW_ROOT   ${GMT_INSTALL_DIR}/master/share/dcw)

Or you can let GMT download it. I have nothing set in my cmake file and when running cmake I get

– Could NOT find DCW (missing: DCW_PATH)

but the first time I use gshhs or dcw it gets downloaded automatically (once) to ~/.gmt/geography.

Do you mean like this:

# 3a. Set full path to the GSHHG Shoreline Database directory [auto]:
#set (GSHHG_ROOT "gshhg_path")
# 3b. Copy GSHHG files to ${GMT_DATADIR}/coast [TRUE]?:

# 4a. Set full path to the DCW Digital Chart of the World for GMT directory [auto]:
#set (DCW_ROOT "dcw-gmt_path")
# 4b. Copy DCW files to ${GMT_DATADIR}/dcw [TRUE]?:

Because I do it, run cmake .. and I get the same as before.

did you remove the build dir first?

Mmm… no. I will check the building instructions again.