Can we grid one file with two different increments?

Good morning,
I using the GMT to plot a gradient map generated with a circular grid points centered on the epicenter, where points are more condense in the epicenter area and much discarded far from it.
Using xy2grd or surface I can’t find a proper way to grid since it’s not in a regular cell sizes.
Is there a way to specify two increments, one (small steps) in the center of map and another one much larger starting at a given distance or coordinates?

Here’s the surface command I’m using
surface $Gridzone input.txt -I5k -Goutput.grd -V -A0.9

Thank you very much

No, that is not possible. Regular grids are just that, regular. Cannot have variable grid spacing.

And note also that xyz2grd is not an interpolator. It is a reformatter

Thank you very much for your explanation