Canada becoming water (coast -Di -A)

I stumbled over a potential bug when using coast -Di -A with -A in the range 2460 – 6920 inclusive. The area west of Hudson Bay “turns into water”.

First occurrence at -Di -A2460:

Last occurrence at -Di -A6920:

Can you reproduce the error?

GMT version 6.2.0_a70eacd_2021.05.18
GSHHG version 2.3.7

Some code to play with:

gmt begin globe_Di_A2460 png
  # First occurrence at -A2460
  gmt coast -Rg -JG-102/60/10c -Di -A2460 -Gblack -Sgrey95

  # Last occurrence at -A6920
  # gmt coast -Rg -JG-102/60/10c -Di -A6920 -Gblack -Sgrey95
gmt end show

Yes I see it. Please make a bug report on GitHub from those examples.

Filed bug #7109 over on GitHub.