Change size of ticks and font in colorbar

Hello all,
I want to change the size of ticks and/or font of the colorbar, as by default it is too small. Can anyone help? I’m using 6.5.0 version.
Here is my line for this:
gmt set GMT_THEME=off
gmt colorbar -Dx7.5c/-.85c+w4c/0.15c+jTC+h+e -F+gwhite -Ccontinuous.cpt -B10g1
-B+tcontinuous -Bx -By+lmm/day

Thank you.

João Rocha

Hi @jrocha72.

You have to check in the cods what control that features.

From example, this is what the doc says about the fonts:

The font used for the annotations along the scale is specified by FONT_ANNOT_PRIMARY while any unit placed at the side of the bar is controlled by FONT_ANNOT_SECONDARY. If a label along the bar is requested, it is plotted with FONT_LABEL.

Like in the answer the other post with a similar question

gmt colorbar -Dx7.5c/-.85c+w14c/0.15c+jTC+h+e -F+gwhite -B.1g.2 -B+tcontinuous -Cjet -Bx -By+lmm/day --FONT_ANNOT=20 -png lixo

Hi @Joaquim,
Thank you for the reply. It worked.

Best regards,

João Rocha