Changing color in psxy fill?


I am producing a raypath profile over the oceanic bathymetric data. First I plot a psxy to refer to the water layer in the background, with another psxy in the foreground plotting all points of the bathymetry. I am having difficulty finding [|attachment]a solution to fill the bathymetry with a color. When I use -G (e.g. -Glightbrown) it fills a different area into a straight line (see Could somebody help me, please? I will be very grateful.

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Guilherme de Melo

for raypath in ls *_raypath

long2=$(awk ‘NR==1{print $6}’ $raypath.taludeinfo)

psxy -R0/$long2/-5000/500 -JX11/3 -K -Gblue2 -W0.2 -Xc -Y4 > << END
0 -5000
0 0
$long2 0
$long2 -5000

awk '{print $3, $4}' $raypath | psxy  -R0/$long2/-5000/500 -JX11/3 -Bx500f100 -By1000f500+l"Depth (m)" -BWSen -X0 -Y0 -W0.7 -V -O >>

done (27.2 KB) (36.8 KB)

See the purpose of -L+y to generate the polygon you want.

Hii Paul,

It worked pretty well using the -L+yb. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: