Coast [ERROR]: Must specify -R option in Documentation Example

GMT6.1 documentation

has this example but it raises an error (GMT version 6.1.1 running on a mac)

gmt coast -JM6i -Baf -EGB,IT,FR+gblue+p0.25p,red -EES,PT,GR+gyellow -pdf map
coast [ERROR]: Must specify -R option

so it’s not picking up the plot domain from the extent of the countries

Somehow the classic mode version works perfectly. This may help understand the origin of the problem:
gmt pscoast -JM6i -Baf -EGB,IT,FR+gblue+p0.25p,red -EES,PT,GR+gyellow >

I find that when that error happens it turns out I have a gmt.history file in that directory. When I delete it, the command runs. So of course not what we want, but a partial answer.

Merged fix into master: