Color bar

I have this script to show grd

See colorbar -D for placement and the -B option for controlling which sides to annotate.

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Hello @Alzaidy1,

thanks for uploading the script!

What @Joaquim actually meant with “please, format your code” is, that you can format your script as code by placing three backticks in the line before and after the block with the script:

your script formated as code

Can you see what is wrong in the script Please


gmt makecpt -Cpolar -T-10/10/1 -Z -D > new.cpt

gmt begin v jpg
	gmt set FONT_ANNOT 10p,Times-Roman
	gmt set FONT_LABEL 10p,Times-Roman
	gmt grdimage 3.grd -JM8 -I+d -B -BWSne -Cnew.cpt
	gmt coast -R -W1p,black #-Scornflowerblue #-Gbrown
	gmt colorbar TC+w5c+0.7c/1c+v+ml -Bxaf+l"Mean velocity (mm/yr)" -By -Cnew.cpt 
gmt end show

I see no errors in the script and I don’t know also what the problem is (your script is not reproducible). Please, I’m saying it again read