Colorbar with gap and label

I create this colorbar with a gap (-L0.1)

and I would like to add a text “Years” (-B+l"Years") like here:

So I try this but I get an error. How can I do it? Is it a bug?

gmt begin map
  gmt makecpt -T1990/2000/1 -Crainbow
  gmt colorbar -Dx8c/1c+w12c/0.5c+jTC+h -B+l"Years" -L0.1 
gmt end show

colorbar [ERROR]: Option -L: Cannot be used if -B option sets increments.

With classic mode I can use -L and -B+l"text":

gmt psscale -Cdrywet -Dx0/0+w5/1c -L0.1 -B+l"A" >

The short answer is use -S+x"Years" when -B cannot be used.