Colorbar with -Q option

Hi there,

I made a CPT using the log10 “3 increment” options :

makecpt -T1/100/3+l

Now I want a colorbar with that discrete palette, but it seems I can’t have it automatically generated.
The only thing I’ve found so far is this trick :

  1. use colorbar -Q without -B option to read .CPT directly
  2. use colorbar -Bx+l -By+l to add the labels

(1) give the proper ticks, (2) the decoration … but none of them have color inside …

Am I missing something ?

gmt makecpt -Coslo -T1/100/3+l -A95 -H > cold.cpt
gmt colorbar -Ccold.cpt -DJCB+ef+w10c/0.3c+h -Bx+llegend -By+lunits
gmt colorbar -Ccold.cpt -DJCB+ef+w10c/0.3c+h -Q -Np

When you say “no color”, I guess it’s because you set a too high transparency value (-A95)? At least “-A5” will render the color for me.

Correct !
(for some reason the transparency is not applied on my plot so I didn’t think about it).

Thanks, I’ll try to fix the problem I’ve left with the extra ticks