Coloring polygons from a shape file PyGMT

Hi all, I am having trouble filling in polygons using PyGMT. I have been looking at a previous post “PyGMT: Coloring polygons from a converted kml file”, but those instructions are still not working for me.

I am trying to plot and color polygons that represent geologic units on a map covering the eastern US. The polygons are from a file named ‘kbge.shp’ from a zipped dataset I downloaded from the USGS: Geology of the conterminous United States(zipped%20shapefile%2014

The file ‘kbge.shp’ contains many headers once imported to GeoPandas, but I rename a column and clean it up to only use what I need. The dataframe looks like this:

Beneath is the code that I am running:

import pygmt
import geopandas as gpd

#Read in the shapefile
geol = gpd.read_file('kbge.shp')
geol.rename(columns={'ORDER_': 'Color'}, inplace=True)
geology = geol[['Color', 'geometry']].copy()
geology.to_file('USA_geology.gmt', layer='geometry', driver='OGR_GMT')
region = [-92,-68,25,47]
proj = "M20c"

fig = pygmt.Figure()
fig.basemap(region=region, projection=proj, frame=True)
pygmt.makecpt(cmap='categorical', continuous=False, series=[geology.Color.min(),geology.Color.max(),1])

fig.plot(data='USA_geology.gmt', pen='0.2p,black',cmap=True, close=True, fill='+z', aspatial='Z=Color')

fig.coast(region=region, land = 'lightgrey', resolution='l', transparency = 70)
fig.coast(resolution='l', borders = 'a', shorelines='0.2')

The code runs and plots the outlines of the polygons, but they are all colored grey. The following is the map that the code produces:

I cannot find the issue with the code. Does someone know what am I doing wrong or where the issue could be? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

If you have a single number called Color in your data file then that is only enough to select a gray value, no? Usually one needs a CPT file that relates z-values to r/g/b triplets. But I dont know how this works in PyGMT.

Hello @Lbmartinetti,

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Your code is fine!

Unfortunately there is a bug related to the usage of integers with the aspatial parameter for filling polygons, please see the bug report at Figure.plot: parameter aspatial does not accept integers for filling polygons · Issue #2497 · GenericMappingTools/pygmt · GitHub.
If you handle the values in the column Color (which are integers) as floats and use this column with the aspatial parameter, then your code works.

geology = geol[['Color', 'geometry']].copy()
geology["Color_float"] = geology.Color.astype(float)

Output figure:

Btw, its actually not necessary to write the GeoDataFrame geology to a file

geology.to_file('USA_geology.gmt', layer='geometry', driver='OGR_GMT')

In PyGMT you can directly pass a GeoDataFrame to the data parameter:

    data=geology, # 'USA_geology.gmt',

Thank you @yvonnefroehlich! I changed the values to string type and it worked. Thank you also for the suggestion on not having to download the files themselves!