Combining symbol character with ISOLatin1 character

In gmt legend, I want to include an “epsilon dot” character (ε with a “time derivative” dot on top). I tried to combine the epsilon symbol (Symbol font @~\145@~) with the raised dot symbol (ISOLatin1 font \227) but it doesn’t seem to work (see image below) - it looks to me like “@!” doesn’t like it when you change fonts between the two characters. Is there any way of achieving an “epsilon dot” in GMT?

gmt legend -Dn1/-0.2+jTR <<- EOF
S 0.1c r 0.3c,0.05c blue 1p,blue 0.4c @!\227@~\145@~


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

This was never considered. I have opened an issue on this [] and we will have a look. If the symbol font does not have a dot then it is not easy to do a work around other than messy printing the two characters separately and adjust position until it looks OK.

This has now been implemented in master, see Thanks for highlighting the issue.

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