Conda GMT build in (some) Linux is broken?

@seisman Do you have any idea of why this? Seems a breaking in GDAL shared lib.
I know that’s not the right place to report this, but don’t know any better.

/home/tim/.julia/conda/3/bin/gmt: symbol lookup error: /home/tim/.julia/conda/3/bin/../lib/./ undefined symbol: _ZN21GfxICCBasedColorSpace15buildTransformsEP8GfxState
[ Info: Running `conda config --add channels conda-forge --file /home/tim/.julia/conda/3/condarc-julia.yml --force` in root environment
[ Info: Running `conda install -y gmt` in root environment
Base.IOError("could not spawn `gmt --version`: no such file or directory (ENOENT)", -2)
ProcessFailedException(Base.Process[Process(`/home/tim/.julia/conda/3/bin/gmt --show-library`, ProcessExited(127))])

Not really solved though it might have been caused by an older GMT Conda installation in Julia.

It’s also possible that you’re mixing the defaults and conda-forge channels, which sometimes cause troubel.

It happens during the automatic GMT installation for GMT.jl so no human intervention here. But a possibility is that there was already an older GMT installed that way, though then I don’t understand why the faulty was not overwritten.