Connect points with lines

How I can draw points with lines between its,
gmt begin diffmap png
gmt coast -R69.5/72/38/40.0 -JM6i -Gwhite -S0/200/255 -U -I9/0/0/255 -I1/0/0/255 -I2/0/0/255 -B
gmt plot lngarm.csv -R69.5/72/38/40.0 -JM6i -Sc0.15 -G0/0/254 -L -V -B
gmt end show

lngarm.csv lookes lile this

You already have it, just remove -Sc which draws circles instead of connecting the dots.

If you want to show the points as symbols and plot the lines, then you call psxy twice. -L is for turning a line into a closed polygon.

Thanks, I shall try this.

Thnaks, I shall try this