Convert .gdf (ICGEM data table) to .tiff

Hello I want to transform a .gdf file to geotiff to open it in Qgis How should I do it?
Thank you very much

What is a .gdf file?

Anyway, the (maybe) answer lies in grdconvert

Yes, I tried that but it does not recognize the format. I downloaded the file from GFZ and it is a dot grid. I can open it with Noted++ for example. The first lines are these:
generating_institute gfz-potsdam
generating_date 2024/03/11
product_type gravity_field
body earth
modelname GSM-2_2023121-2023151_GRFO_UTCSR_BA01_0601
max_used_degree 60
tide_system tide_free
functional gravity_disturbance
zero_degree_term included
unit mgal
refsysname wgs84
gmrefpot 3.98600441800E+14 m3/s2
radiusrefpot 6378137.000 m
flatrefpot 3.352810664747480E-03 (1/298.25722356300)
omegarefpot 7.29211500000E-05 1/s
normal_potential 6.263685171456948E+07 m2/s2
long_lat_unit degree
latlimit_north 89.500000000000
latlimit_south -89.500000000000
longlimit_west -179.50000000000
longlimit_east 179.50000000000
gridstep 1.0000000000000
latitude_parallels 180
longitude_parallels 360
number_of_gridpoints 64800
gapvalue 9999.0000
weighted_mean -1.4999384E-02 mgal
maxvalue 1.2760482E+02 mgal
minvalue -1.1499830E+02 mgal
signal_wrms 2.5443690E+01 mgal
grid_format long_lat_height_value

      longitude    latitude  h_over_geoid  gravity_disturbance
        [deg.]      [deg.]     [meter]         [mgal]

end_of_head ======================================================
-179.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.232562610478
-178.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.253101778178
-177.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.274010841459
-176.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.295273624104
-175.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.316874214221
-174.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.338796983243
-173.5000 89.5000 0.00 3.361026602100

gdf is not a grid. It is a table of data. So, you have to use grd2xyz.

Here in this blog I explained (sorry in spanish)

Thank you! I´m from Argentina, so spanish is fine for me :wink:

Great (me too from Argentina).