Create an Intensity file

Dear all,

I would like to create an intensity file the apply with fig.grdimage to custom a map.

So far I have:

fig = pygmt.Figure()
grilla = 'D:\Inves\MT\map_data\etopo1_bedrock.grd'
color_map = 'D:\Inves\MT\map_data\GMT_relief.cpt'
dgrid = pygmt.grdgradient(grid=grilla, outgrid='grdtemp', azimuth=255, 
                          radiance=[270, 30], normalize='t')

With GMT5.0 I was able to use:

grdhisteq  /tmp/grdtemp  -G/tmp/grad.hist.grd -N -V
# Multiplying the shadows by 0.9 (eliminates totally black and totally white), then Adding 0.6 to whiten the map
grdmath /tmp/grad.hist.grd  0.90  MUL 0.6 ADD = /tmp/grad.hist.grd.60

I tried to search at documentation but I could not find it, does anyone tried to do the previous steps with PyGMT,
thanks in advance.

grdhisteq is not yet wrapped in PyGMT. We hope to have this feature completed for the next release in early 2022.

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