Creating two color maps

I am trying to create two color maps. I succeeded in creating one, but the other I failed, although I used the -X option.

Could you please guide me?

I am sorry in advance for any disturbance.

Below are my used script and my results.

rem xyz2grd D800.txt -Gtest1.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V
surface D800.txt -Gtest1.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V
grd2cpt test1.grd -Chot -L0.17/3.95 -S0.01/3.95/0.01 -Qi -D0.17/3.95> colors1.cpt
rem nearneighbor D800.txt -Gtest1.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V -S100k

rem xyz2grd D3000.txt -Gtest2.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V
surface D3000.txt -Gtest2.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V
grd2cpt test2.grd -Chot -L0.17/3.95 -S0.01/3.95/0.01 -Qi -D0.17/3.95> colors2.cpt
rem nearneighbor D3000.txt -Gtest2.grd -R129/146/30/46 -I1m -V -S100k

psscale -Ccolors1.cpt -Q -D7/2/3/0.2 -B0.1:D800:/:m: -K >
psclip clip.txt -R129/146/30/46 -Jm0.15i -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -A1 -N -K -O -V >>
grdimage test1.grd -Jm0.15i -R129/146/30/46 -Ccolors1.cpt -P -K -O >>
psclip -C -O -R -J -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -A1 -V -K >>
pscoast -J -R -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -Df -A1 -W1p -P -V -O -Swhite -K>>

psscale -Ccolors2.cpt -X5i -Q -D7/2/3/0.2 -B0.1:D3000:/:m: -K >
psclip clip.txt -R -J -X5i -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -A1 -N -K -O -V >>
grdimage test2.grd -J -R -X5i -Ccolors2.cpt -P -K -O >>
psclip -C -O -R -J -X5i -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -A1 -V -K >>
pscoast -J -R -Ba5f0.g0./a5f0.g0.WSen -Df -A1 -W1p -P -V -O -X5i -Swhite >>

psconvert -Tg -P -A

in the following line:

replace -K > with -K -O >> (like in all other plotting comands except the very first and the very last)

seems like a standard a copy-paste error wen reusing the same code block. I did it countless times.

pls use triple quotes ``` before and after your code block

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Thank you so much.
The problem is solved.
With all my respect and appreciation for your time.