Cropping goes through titles/axis labels

Hi, we are starting to migrate over to version 6. We just have version 6.2.0 installed, which is what our computer center installed. But, in my first tests, I am having troubles with the automatic cropping. it seems if i add an axis label, or title, that the cropping goes right through the center of the labels.

for example, i have a time series in the file ‘seismogram.xy’ and I do the following

gmt begin plot jpg
gmt plot seismogram.xy -B+t"just a label"
gmt end show

just trying to understand if this is something I am doing incorrectly, or if this is some other kind of problem. thanks for any advice.


  1. You are not doing anything incorrect (only swapped the title from “just a label” to “my something”)
  2. GMT does not have that bug (not now, not at 6.2.0)
  3. But something obvious did it (don’t know what)
  4. When reporting a problem we should be able to try to reproduce it, which we can’t because input file is not available. See

OK, sorry about that. Here is another simple example, completely self-contained:

cat << eof > data.xy
0. 0.
1. 1.
2. 1.
3. 0.5
4. 0.

gmt begin plot2 jpg
  gmt plot data.xy -B+t"just a label" -Bpy0.5+l"amplitude"
gmt end show

The resulting plot I get is here and is cropped through both the title and the y-axis label

Search for gmt.conf files (local dir or home dir) that may have a PS_MEDIA set to a small size.

You did not say what OS you have so another thing might be you have an old ghostscript version with a bug - many versions have had bugs but the latest 9.55 or 9.56 seems OK. Seeing your cropped plot seemed to remind me of a past gs bug.

Thank you for the suggestions.

We are running Rocky Linux 8, and the ghostscript version is 9.27

I’ll see if I can try a newer ghostscript version.

If I look at the gmt defaults, it says PS_MEDIA is set to a4. But, if I add a line that sets the PS_MEDIA to a4 then I don’t get any cropping at all.

gmt begin plot2 jpg
  gmt set PS_MEDIA a4
  gmt plot data.xy -B+t"just a label" -Bpy0.5+l"amplitude"
gmt end show

Once again, just wanted to thank you for your suggestions.
Updated to ghostscript 9.54.0 (from 9.27) and everything works now as advertised.