Cross section earthquakes, Seismiscity map, Focal Mechanism

I want to create a seismicity map with focal mechanism and cross section from earthquake data in GMT 6.4.0 with a batch file. Then there was a problem in the cross section where the focal mechanism did not match the earthquake point, how do I solve this?

this is my coding
psbasemap -JM15 -R102/107.2/-9/-4.2 -Ba1f2 -P -K>
pscoast -J -R -G245/245/200 -S140/235/255 -Dh -K -P -O >>
grdimage -R -J -Cmby.cpt -O -P -K >>

gawk “$4<=4{print $2, $1, $3}” G.gmt | psxy -J -R -Sc0.1c -W1 -P -O -K -Ctabel.cpt>>
gawk “$4>4 && $4<=6{print $2, $1, $3}” G.gmt | psxy -J -R -Sc0.2c -W1 -P -O -K -Ctabel.cpt>>
gawk “$4>6 && $4<=8{print $2, $1, $3}” G.gmt | psxy -J -R -Sc0.3c -W1 -P -O -K -Ctabel.cpt>>

echo 102.8 -7.9 B> A
echo 106.2 -5.4 A>> A
psxy A -J -R -P -O -W2 -K >>
pstext A -J -R -O -K -D0.3/-0.1>>

psmeca wakil.gmt -J -R -Sa0.01 -C -Ztabel.cpt -O >>

psbasemap -JX15/-15 -R0/450/0/300 -Ba100f50:“Jarak (Km)”:/:“Kedalaman (Km)”:150f30WSne --FONT_LABEL=16p -K >
gawk “{print $2, $1, $3, $3, $4}” G.gmt | project -C102.8/-7.9 -E106.2/-5.4 -Fpz -Q -W-450/450 -Lw > l
psxy l -JX -R -Sc0.2 -W1 -Ctabel.cpt -P -O -K >>
pscoupe wakil.gmt -R0/450/0/300 -JX-15/-15 -Aa106.2/-5.4/102.8/-7.9/90/1/-300/300 -Sa0.01c -Ctabel.cpt -N -O >>

ps2raster -Tj -A -P
ps2raster -Tj -A -P

the cross section is
in the focus should be on the circle that I made black, what’s wrong with my coding? (767.8 KB)

Might be completely unrelated, but a few days ago another user had trouble with project … who knows?