DCW. Administrative border clarification

Please, confirm my guess.
I found that some country border needs to correct.
The yellow line is Goggle border and the blue line builds from points of DCW output.
I see a clear mismatch

pscoast -M -ERU.ROS >rostov0.txt

PS file shoes both two places ( Chertkovo (Rostov region) and Zoryanovka (Donetsk region)) on Donetsk region

eu.ps (29.4 КБ)

Windows 7/10 GMT 6.5.0

Yes, we know that nor DCW nor GSHHG are perfect (and hardly will be corrected). But let me add too that IMO this is currently not the best area of the World to bring up to this discussion. Without knowing what’s the use of this, I’ll stop giving any further contribution.

I believe the Digital Chart of the World (DCW) was created in the 1970’s or early 1980’s and there is no plan to update it.